Captains’ Drive-In – 2015

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Captains’ Drive-In – 2015

Drenching Drive- In at Romiley,
Sunday, 29th March 2015

Were we downhearted? Nooo!
Would the Drive-In take place? Yeeeess!!
Would the 9 hole Competition happen? Noooo!
Was the crowd wet?? Yeess!!

Gary Williams, Mr. Vice, called the massed gathering to order and introduced each of the 4 dignitaries before their attempts and ex-captain rushed in with the necessary medicinal champagne to fortify the four.

Neil Brindley, Mr. Captain, struck the ball beautifully and hit the fairway for the first time this year. Mr. President, Peter Wagstaff, tried to get his son, Paul (Handicap 1), to drive for him. This was not allowed. But Peter smote the ball so well that a little jig followed.

Forward came Janet Worthington, Lady Captain, for her attempt. Her new hair style was chic and sensational. And then the star of the show, Reece Chesworth, Junior Captain. Very tall. Very good looking. Very supple. A swing to die for. Whump!! An exocet missile seemed to leap from his driver.

Truly magnificent. A casual, humble smile lit his features as he stepped back into the hackers. er.... crowd of golfers.

And so the audience raced to the bar to get their drinks ordered to go with brunch. A great drive-in.