The Tenth Green

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The Tenth Green

Dear Member
As most of the golfers at RGC are aware the 10th green along with the 2nd and 8th are some of the worst greens on the course for holding water.

After much deliberation it has been decided to completely re drain the 10th green. The drainage system will be laid at approx 1.5m centres (4ft) at an average depth 0.75m (30”) It is intended to install between 10/12 lateral drains which will run into a new 4nb drain, in turn this will drain into an existing (Dixons) drain laid several years ago just below the 10th green adjacent to the pond. The current greens budget will support the cost of this work.

The work will take approximately 5 working days and is scheduled to start on Monday 13th April.
The work will only be undertaken once the green is sufficiently dry enough to take the weight of machinery. Plywood boards will be used to protect the green as the work progresses.

There is never a right time to undertake work of this nature, it is inevitable there will be some disruption but I am confident that our Head Greenkeeper and his staff will keep this to a minimum. A temporary green will be in operation during the course of the work.
My own view and that of others is to undertake the work as early in the season as possible leaving sufficient time for the green to repair and become playable again before the end of spring. By undertaking this work early in the season it will then allow sufficient time to evaluate the results before the start of the winter months.

If the work is proved a success then a similar approach to several of the greens at Romiley can be adopted.
Radical decisions of this nature are never taken lightly, most of you know we cannot keep delaying the day when this work has to be done, as stated before there will be some disruption but this will be kept to a minimum
CONGU (Council of National Golf Unions) will allow clubs up to two temporary greens to be in play during the playing season without it effecting the standard scratch and club competitions.

Your support during this period will I know be much appreciated by Mike and his staff.

Peter Milnes
Greens Director